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reservationst's Journal

Reservation Street
My name is Jamie. And of course, I am the main character. All of the entries are true. They actually happened, just as I write them.

Follow the residents of Reservation Street and their friends as they pursue higher degrees, random hook-ups, significant others, free booze, and good times.

About Jamie: I am a graduate student who is avoiding the real world by staying in school. I'm smart, but my focus has become less than educational. At 23 I am younger than many of the other grad students and still loving my ability to drink legally. My goal to find a well off man and begin a family is thwarted only by my lust for drinking and fucking. Surrounded by men at a university where the ratio is 3:1, I find myslef spending more time at the bar and in bed than on campus working on research, which when I first began graduate school one year ago, was my only interest.